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A Voice From The Eighties Echoes In ‘Ghda Gashaqta’ – Tamras Tamras Meets His Fans at Mid-Age

The year 2017 left many of us on a good note and a compilation of eight all original tracks written by some very well-known lyricists and a few new comers who graced the Assyrian pop music industry in this clever selection of dance, national and ballads.

NovaMenco: The Assyrian Guitar Brothers

  Born in the birth place of civilization, the land that gave humanity; culture, literature, science and music. A family of five brothers born in Beth-Nahrain, modern day Iraq. Nova Menco: The international renowned five Assyrian brothers flamenco Band, based now in San Diego. This Assyrian family of musicians with their modern flamenco style fuses […]

Sonia Odisho Pledges Eternal Love in “Taklet A Leleh”

The complexity, yet harmony, between two individuals opposite in nature united through interpersonal relationships has perhaps been best dealt with in the Symposium by Greek philosopher Plato who produced work of unparalleled influence; yet, millenniums later, the quest for identifying ourselves in another person continues.