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“Qyouda D’Libbi” – A review by Helen Talia

Assyrian Bands in Iraq

Compiled & written by Moneer Cherie.   Band: A small ensemble of musicians, that mainly play folk and pop songs, it usually has up to five members, a singer, drummer, keyboard, Guitar and bass player, that’s a short description of an Assyrian band. I believe the earliest Assyrian “western instruments” bands were formed in the […]

A Voice From The Eighties Echoes In ‘Ghda Gashaqta’ – Tamras Tamras Meets His Fans at Mid-Age

The year 2017 left many of us on a good note and a compilation of eight all original tracks written by some very well-known lyricists and a few new comers who graced the Assyrian pop music industry in this clever selection of dance, national and ballads.