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الموسيقى والترتيل بين الامس واليوم

الموسيقى والترتيل بين الامس واليوم لطيف پولا                   سبق وان قلنا في تقديمنا لأنواع التراتيل مثل (اِمر لي عيتا ايكا ؤبٌيتي ابٌنكي إمر لي عيتا أيكا صويت اونيخ …) وهي من مقام البيات و ( ةًاوو سبٌوو اخًيْ ـ تاو ساو احاي ) من مقام أورفا ديواني […]

Assyrian Bands in Iraq

Compiled & written by Moneer Cherie.   Band: A small ensemble of musicians, that mainly play folk and pop songs, it usually has up to five members, a singer, drummer, keyboard, Guitar and bass player, that’s a short description of an Assyrian band. I believe the earliest Assyrian “western instruments” bands were formed in the […]

NovaMenco: The Assyrian Guitar Brothers

  Born in the birth place of civilization, the land that gave humanity; culture, literature, science and music. A family of five brothers born in Beth-Nahrain, modern day Iraq. Nova Menco: The international renowned five Assyrian brothers flamenco Band, based now in San Diego. This Assyrian family of musicians with their modern flamenco style fuses […]

Assyrian Music in Яussia (USSR)

Iиtяoducфion to Assyrian Music & Singers in Яussia (USSR)   Compiled & edited by Moneer Cherie with the assistance of Mr. Vasili Shoumanov Assyrians came to Russia and the Soviet Union in three main waves. The first wave was after the Treaty of Turkmenchay in 1828, that delineated a border between Russia and Persia. Many […]

Habib Mousa and other Assyrian Records in West dialect

Habib Mousa was born in Malikiyeh-Syria on October 9, 1952 and raised in Qamishli where he studied at the Syriac school. He was appointed at the age of ten to be the lead singer of the choir after his voice was recognized by Yousef Shamun. Since his early childhood he liked the church melodies that […]

Iconic Assyrian Album Covers

Compiled and written by Moneer Cherie Album covers are an opportunity for singers to make a first impression. The artwork could tell the story of songs and music style in the album, but not necessary, it could just be making an important statement. But most of our Assyrian covers lack artistic vision, and are mundane […]

Oldest Assyrian Gramophone records from Iraq

Compiled & Written by Moneer Cherie* The earliest Assyrian Gramophone (shellac) records in Middle East were released in Iraq, this was during the time when international record companies were working and producing records for different nationalities and in different languages. The two main companies were the British “His Master’s Voice” and The American “Columbia” Labels, […]

Early Assyrian Music Records from Iran

Compiled & Written by Moneer Cherie During the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, or better known as the Shah of Iran, Assyrian music flourished in that country. He was secular, a pro-modernization and pro-secularization. He reigned from 1941 to 1979. In this presentation I will be showcasing some of the most iconic records released during […]

Evin Agassi and his early Music Record Singles آقاسی

Compiled and Written by Moneer Cherie  – Moderator at Qeenatha.com This is an introduction to Evin Agassi’s earliest known single records, starting from his Farsi records to early Assyrian records, According to the information that I gathered, Evin Agassi begun singing in Farsi as early as 1959 in his birth place, the city of Kermanshah […]

اترا…البوم غنائي جديد للمطرب چارلس توما

قيناثا.كوم – استراليا – فنون: أنتهى الفنان چارلس توما، مؤخرا،ً من اصدار البومه الغنائي الجديد والسادس في استراليا، الالبوم يحمل عنوان “اترا – وطن” ويضم ٨ اغاني جديدة. شارك في انتاج اغاني الالبوم عدد من الفنانيين والموسيقيين امثال ريمون عبديشو وداود سامو. وكلمات للشاعر يوسف منِشه والشماس سركون ميشو والبرت اوراهم واغنية قديمة لبترس بيكزاده. […]