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Ramsen Sheeno (born in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Assyrian singer.

Born in Baghdad Iraq but was raised in Chicago.He Once's Said "travelling the world and meeting extraordinary people is even greater".He is an Assyrian and Arabic Vocalist/Singer to our great Assyrian and Chaldean community world wide. He also sing's at private shows and events for the Arab community as well.He has been singing professionally since 1999. Has relised 3 cds currently and he is working on his 4th cd which is due to finish in September of 2006. Ramsen have a total of 25 songs to date with 9 new songs which will be added at the end of his 2006 cd. You can enjoy watching his new music video which is titled "KHOOLMA SODANA", meaning " A Nice Dream". Ramsen also currently working on a new video clip titled "MAKH KHA GNAWA", meaning "Like A Thief".

Ashur Bet Sargis, one of our great Assyrian Legends has always been a great influence on Ramsen Sheeno.Ramsen is always looking forward to improving Assyrian music for this generation and for the one that follows.There will never be another Ashur but we can definately set an example with our creativity and become legends of our own.

Sounds Like
Traditonal Assyrian with a twist of new and exciting beats for our younger generation, Non-Stop entertainment for your enjoyment.

Record Label
Strategic Records

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