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where it all started Cont.
Since, as far as they knew, this
was a first among Assyrians,
they picked the first word
in the Bible as the name of
their band and ministry,
Brasheet in Assyrian or
Modern Syriac means,
" In the Beginning" .
Christian music has reached
a significantly high level in
Western culture. However,
among the Assyrian believers
this may not be the case. Our
Churches and Christian families
have always felt the need for a
consistent, improved and
exciting flow of new worship
and praise songs. In the past,
some Churches or individuals
have made new songs or
albums. Unfortunately, due to
many challenges their efforts
were temporary and inconsistent.
Brasheet's agenda and goal is to
consistently provide the Assyrian
speaking and Persian speaking
Believers with a selection of
Christian music that is new and

Ashour (Keys, Guitar & Lead Vocals)Ashour has been writing and playing music for over 15yrs. Currently, he attends AGC (Assyrian Gospel Church of Toronto) where he helps out with Sunday worship.

Ramsin (Keys & Lead Vocals)Ramsin has been on the music scene for over 15yrs. He's been writing music for the past 6yrs. Currently he is the worship leader for the Iranian Baptist Church in Toronto.

Johny (Acoustic & Electric Guitar)Johny has been playing the guitar for over 15yrs. He's been playing in the worship band of the AGC of Toronto for the past 7yrs.

Sargon (Bass & Bg. Vocals)About 6 years ago, he picked up the bass guitar and the rest, as they say, is history. He attends AGC where he plays in the worship band.

Shoubert (Drums & Bg.Vocals)Shoubert has been playing the drums for over 6yrs. Currently he attends Mississauga Gospel Temple where he is involved in music ministry playing the drums and singing.

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