Donje (covers)

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Nadia Louis (Fagel Roc)
:::-Musicians Credits-:::

*All these songs are covers of other Assyrian Singers Songs.
*Cover design by : Peter Tornberg.

*Music by : John Hanna.
*This Album is dedicated to:
The Assyrian people and people that love to hear Assyrian music.

To John Hanna who played the music
and helped me to fullfill my dreams.
I could not have made this CD without you,
Thank you so much!.

*To the greatest person I meet in my life Mattias Hellberg,
sound technician.
Without your patience we would not have come this far.
Thanks a lot?

*To Musikhuset i Norsborg ? G?ran Ekv?r ?,
Thanks for your support and the encouraging words
? don?t give up ? meant a lot to me.

*To my children,
you are a big part of my life?
your words mommy you are good, ,
gives me so much strength. I Love you!.

*To my mommy and daddy,
Thank you for teaching me that I truly can do anything
I put my mind to.
I love you!.

*To my brothers and sisters and my friends
and a lot of people who know me,
thanks for your support.

*Thanks to my fans!?
I really hope you enjoy the songs I `ve chosen for you.
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