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Edwin Elieh


Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting our campaign.

My name is Edwin Elieh. I am an Assyrian composer, orchestrator and producer who loves to create music for visual media. I studied music at University of Tehran-Iran and after immigrating to the United States, I followed my passion at UCLA Film Scoring Program. 
Assyrian poet Rabi Yosip Bet-Yosip and I are collaborating to produce visual media projects to help promote and preserve Assyrian art and culture. Our collaboration started by composing the Handsome Prince Musical (Malek Rama) in 2012 and continued to our recent project, the Black Winter Suite (Sitwa Kooma) in 2015.
Gilgamesh Musical Play is our ongoing project that started in 2013. Now, we are ready to produce a cast album for this two-act musical and share it with the world. 
This musical includes songs and narrations in Assyrian language. The combination of Assyrian language and the Epic of Gilgamesh takes us deep into the ancient Mesopotamian era. A full translation of Gilgamesh Musical in English and Farsi will be available for download on the Musical's website.
One double CD album with more than 35 tracks and almost two hours of music, poetry and songs is the product of our campaign. Rabi Bet-Yosip's storytelling skills in combination with modern orchestrated Assyrian tunes, transforms this epic into a unique experience for the listener.
We are ready to record the album with the highest quality possible by using seasoned Los Angeles session players and advanced music technologies.

Help Us Reach And Exceed Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $15,000 for live orchestra recording sessions. This will cover the cost of recording studio and orchestra musicians. We would be most grateful if you could help us reach and exceed our campaign goal. 
Exceeding our goal will allow us to; (I) Add more live instruments to our orchestra recording sessions and rely less on hybrid solutions (II) Cover many production costs that we are paying out of our own pocket to prepare the songs for live orchestra recordings (III) Produce the album in higher sound quality in a shorter amount of time.

We have a great selection of perks for our campaign. We hope that you find a perk that you like and support us in the creation of this unique album.

Your Impact 

We are passionate about Assyrian language and Mesopotamian art and culture. It was devastating for us to see our great artifacts getting destroyed by ISIS and we couldn't do anything to stop it. 

As Assyrian artists, we had to do something about the genocide against our people and Mesopotamian's art and culture. Rabi Bet-Yosip and I decided to produce our ongoing project to promote and preserve the Assyrian language through the Epic of Gilgamesh. We know that we can not replace the great artifacts of our ancestors but we can make the world aware of our existence.
Your contribution to support our project has a greater impact than just producing a musical album. You are helping a language and culture that is on the verge of extinction to stay alive and continue to grow in the modern world.  

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand if you are not able to contribute to our campaign at this time. Please consider helping us by sharing our campaign with your friends and family on social media websites. 
Thank you for your time and we hope to meet you one day at the premier of Gilgamesh Musical Play.
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